SPOTLIGHT / Monday, February 25th, 2019
My name is Lesego Seoketsa, I am a fashion design graduate. My journey began in 2016 when I enrolled at LISOF to study a BA in Fashion Design degree. I have always loved visual art and studying fashion broadened my perspective on clothing as art.
I am also a photographer in the process of learning the craft and refining my skill. There is a lot of experience I have gained from being a student, to collaborating with other artists and brands. 2017 I had an exhibition of my photography at the Alliance Francaise Gerard Sekoto Art Gallery, and since then I have moved towards merging fashion and visual art to tell different narratives.
My previous work is mostly inspired by reclaiming lost identities, particularly concerning black women. I am also inspired by the intersectional feminist movement, my art is ever-changing because I am consistency learning on how to improve my skills.
1.What are the common mistakes brands make when working with creatives?
I haven’t work with many brands, but personally I’ve had very good experiences with the brands that I’ve worked with simply because they allow me to exercise creative freedom. One thing I’ve noticed with some brands is that they want to change the personality/identity of the creative to sell their product or service. Some brands do not understand that a creative and their brand should align or be able to easily collaborate. Brands make the mistake of only going for high follower numbers and likes instead of compatibility with the creative.

2.What’s one thing that you were taught growing up that you feel has added to your success thus far?
To always remain grounded in my beliefs. My parents taught me to be true to what I believe in and live my truth, this is authenticity and I believe that it has contributed greatly to where I am today.
3.As an influencer of colour, specifically a Black woman, do you ever find it difficult to break into certain
spaces or connect with brands?
I don’t necessarily consider myself as an influencer, rather a creative because I create art. However, I’ve accepted that term because of the brand collaborations that I’ve done. It has been an up and down journey for me. I think the hard part was getting to learn how to approach brands and sending proposals to collaborate with other creatives. Breaking into these spaces requires a lot of hard work, networking and developing a strategy. I am still trying to break into creative spaces and learning along the way. I don’t think being a black woman has affected my path at the moment, and I acknowledge how privileged I am to pursue this career.
4.What has been a the greatest challenge you’ve faced in penetrating the creative space?
Accepting rejection and unanswered emails. Some people just won’t like the work that you do and I’ve learned not to take that personally. There are also times when some people can no longer help you on your journey and that’s okay. I’ve learned to be able to encourage others who are like me, beginners in this industry.
5.If there was one thing you could change about the industry, what would it be?
For gatekeepers and people who are in positions of power to open up opportunities for upcoming creatives and graduates. I believe that there are enough resources for everyone to thrive.
6.what myths have you come across about being Christian and a Content Creator?
Honestly, I haven’t come across any. I have managed to surround myself with non-judgmental Christians.
7.Is there one item in your closet that you couldn’t part with?
I have black glass heel boots from Zara that I literally wear with everything, I cannot part with them.
8.If a young person would consider doing what you’re venturing in, what advice would you give?
To believe themselves despite their situation, to never stop learning. Always study and learn to strengthen your skills.Most of all, to do everything with intention.
9.Outside of fashion, what are some of your other passions?
I like singing, I enjoy reading poetry and I’ve developed a love for film photography.
10. What is your dream destination and why?
My dream is to impact my society in a way that enhances it through visual art. This is because I would like for people to live happier and more peaceful lives. My message is one of encouragement and joy, no one is alone, we all have each other.


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