YSI AMBASSADOR: Kgalalelo Letoaba

YSI AMBASSADORS / Sunday, April 28th, 2019

Born in Mafikeng on December 26th, making her dramatic arrival at 1:45am, Kgalalelo entered the world. The only girl amongst three boys, Kgalalelo was bound to grow up learning to be tough amongst her brothers.

Coming from parents with strong academic backgrounds, her academics shined throughtout her primary and secondary schooling growing up in Pretoria. Her natural talents for public speaking was nurtured at that stage too.

Having completed her Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Econometrics then completing her Honours in Trade and Development and now completing a certificate in Afrikan Feminism and Gender studies, her passions can be summarized in dedicating her life to promoting the beauty of this continent and its people in every way.

 The reason for her choice of study is that she plans to further her studies by pursuing her masters degree in 2020 focusing her study on young African minds. In the long term, Kgalalelo aims to be a leading voice globally on the beauty of Africa and its people, being an intemediary between the continent and the world.

 Locally, Kgalalelo hopes to work with young African minds, challenging the seemingly inherent inferiority complex that particularly black African people often suffer from.

Kgalalelo’s biggest influence on her life is her Mom, a beautiful Motswana woman that until this day dedicates her life to her family, Kgalalelo hopes to follow in her footsteps. Boasting mostly the same circle of friends since childhood she credits love and honesty as the glue for any relationship.

For fun, spending time with her friends doing anything is awesome. Travelling, spas, trying out a new restaurant, movies and even a simple sleepover. She may or may not be a closet singer and painter. Oh and she loves learning new languages as it gives her an oppourtunity to engage with people from different walk of life. Bonjour!

Kgalalelo is a lady who loves Jesus, Africa and people. She strongly believes that her name, which means “radiance, light and the shining Glory of God” in Setswana has set the course of her life.

 That is, living a life that displays the glorious light of the Lord Jesus Christ. Kgalalelo first got saved in her first year of university via campus ministry in 2010. She credits this decision as the most important decision of her life. It is here where she learnt about the Lord Jesus and his sacrificial love for her. Kgalalelo started serving in the church and has not stopped since.

Modeling the life of Christ, she believes we are all born to serve people, in one way or another, in a small or big way. Her security and identity in life is sourced from her favourite Bible verse, Jeremiah 1:5 which reads “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations”. The verse has so many messages including assuring us that God, creator of the heavens and earth, knew and designed every inch of us before our parents even knew we were coming.

 Even more, we were created for a purpose predetermined and well thought of. The phrase “God loves me” should drive that very message home whichever way you read it, emphasing a different part each time.

Try it! “GOD love me”. Take a moment and let that sink in. THEE God. Big G. Loves little ol’ Lelo (insert your name). Next, “God LOVES me”. He is for me not against me. And finally, “God loves ME”. And YOU! And he works out all things for OUR good. Wow!

Kgalalelo adds a unique desire to spread the good news of Jesus Christ in an African context in a fun and engaging way. Her addition to the YSI team will see her dedicate her time to upholding the brand of YSI to the highest standards in terms of social media pages and contribute pragmatism and public speaking skills to YSI social events. She is most excited about the charity serving that will be done through YSI.

Doing it along with her sister ambassadors will so much sweeter. She looks forward to hopefully meeting you whose reading this and sharing life as we move to share the gospel together!


Instagram : @kgalaleloletoaba

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