YSI AMBASSADOR: Tshimologo Moloto

YSI AMBASSADORS / Monday, May 6th, 2019

My Name is Tshimologo Moloto. I am 24 years of age and I am from Johannesburg born and bred. I am the only child and I was raised by strong black women, whom are my aunt, granny and mother.

I hold an Honours degree in Quantity Surveying which I obtained at the University of Witwatersrand and I attend to obtain much more in the nearer future. I am an ambition, goal orientated and driven BLACK soul sister lol who is definitely going for all her dreams.

I have been blessed enough to know who God is at an early age and I have never looked back. The great thing about your journey with God is that most of what you learn is through people and their story, and that’s exactly what I want other to experience through me as I have experienced my own spiritual encounters with God through other people.

My Journey as a Christian has not been easy, it has come with many ups and downs but with that I have become more purposeful in everything that I do.

I have seen what Christ has done for me and I have always had a yearning for sharing my evolving journey with people around me specifically those that would like their journey to be aligned by the same values I have. Starting or being a part of an NGO has always been my dream, but I couldn’t find the right fit with exactly how I would incorporate my spiritual values and principles in giving back.

I have always had a desire to give back to the community and start my own NGO. Ever since I became born again I had trouble in finding way in how I am going to do that. I had to go through my fair share of challenges to truly understand where and how I can give back and follow what I believe to be my calling but then I came across YSI well I believe it found me .

I say that because I had given up on my dream of start and finding the right NGO, but like they always trust GOD AND HE WILL provide. YSI’s vision and values are in lined with mine and knowing that I am part of such an organisation will really help me make an impact effectively.

What is Young and Spiritually Inspired? To me, to be young and spiritually inspired is to be a beckon of hope to those that are surrounded by you or who has the encountered your presence.

To be young and inspired is to have a drive to do more not only for you but for those that are around you, to be Young and spiritually inspired is to help others in understanding the power they have within themselves. To be Young and spiritually inspired is to be a part of a movement for young women and men who want to see a change in our everyday lives.

What I admire most about the YSI movement are the values that they share, YSI isn’t about just giving back it’s also about giving back in a materialistic sense but also in an emotional, spiritual and mental way and that for me I feel will differentiate us from other NGOS. What I would love to bring into the YSI organisation is the ability to Equip; to equip is to supply with the necessary items for a particular purpose. What I mean by that is, I would like for YSI to be known as the organisation that invests in people and helps people in investing in themselves.

Giving back is great but how great would it be to give back in such a way that 10 years down the line people will still remember who we are and how we have changed their lives by simply Equipping people.

I am looking forward to learning so much about who I am and my abilities. I believe that the treasure of life are found in people and with that I am excited to share this journey with my fellow Ambassadors who I believe are SUPER AWESOME individuals.

I am excited for our events and our sessions where we equip other people young and old, men and women, boy and girl. I am excited to share this amazing organisation with people, I am excited to be able to see it grow bigger and bigger. With all that I am excited to experience my own growth from this organisation, I know that I will experience my own “EQUIPPING” from the organisation.


YSI is about to make great moves and do great things stay tuned and watch the space.



Makeup Artist : @boastful_facebeats

Photography : @aot_foto




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