YSI AMBASSADOR: Nompumelelo Mthembu

YSI AMBASSADORS / Thursday, May 9th, 2019

My name is Nompumelelo Mthembu, I am a BCom Financial Accounting student at North West University.

I am a person who keeps to themselves, but always extends a helping hand within my reach. I am passionate about fashion, personal style and art. I absolutely love children. They bring me out of my thoughts and challenge me to be excited about the future. They are not coerced to become what they are not.

This is a spirit a lot of millennials can adopt to push outside social norms and push beyond what is projected on social media. Though nothing keeps my spirit burning with joy than an adventurous expedition in the wild.

I aspire the travel the world and help children’s organisatiosns and advocate for mental health, make it more understood and taken more seriously, because it consumes so many people everyday and yet it is still overlooked. Inspire people to never give up on someone with mental illness because when “I” is replaced with “We”, Illness becomes Wellness.


I have gone through challenges that made me the strong willed person I am today. Throughout these challenges, I acquired a firm sense of who I am to myself, who I am to others and who I am to God. I believe as a young woman it is very essential that you find who you are within these three dimensions, and then you can conquer almost anything that comes your way.

I feel honored being selected to be a YSI Ambassador for 2019. To be spiritual means that you are aware the needs of the spiritual world around you. I want Young and Spiritually Inspired to use me as a vessel to carry on their organisations missions by visiting old age homes, orphanages, schools and hospitals.

To use me to be righteous, to use me to be patient, to use me to be diligent and to be an exact servant. I want to help inspire our generation. I want to bring a spirit of resilience towards every encounter. To merely contribute to this organization the love of God, motivation and insight on mental health and how it affects us, the millennials of today. As I have noticed that it is usually our thoughts, not our circumstances, that cause us to sink. I want to experience and adopt being young and spiritually inspired and make it a lifestyle. A lifestyle that encourages faith and inspires us daily.

God has preserved each of us for a certain purpose. God has called us to higher standards of living. There are so many people in need of your touch. People need love more today, than ever before.



Instagram: @lelo_vie

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