20 Attributes a knowledgeable young woman looks for in a young man

Devotional, Male 2 Man / Tuesday, September 24th, 2019

20 Attributes a knowledgeable young woman looks for in a young man


Does the young man seem to have a purpose?
Does he keep an open mind and is he patient?
Does he know what he wants and does he go after what he wants?
Has he developed a positive mental attitude and can he let it be seen by others?
Does he speak in a carefully disciplined, friendly tone?

Does he have goals or does he accept what he has now even when he knows that he deserves better?
Does he have a tendency to procrastinate?

Does he know what he believes and does he act out his beliefs?
Does he have integrity i.e. Does he always err on the side of truth?
Confidence: Women find confidence sexy.
Does the young man act with confidence?

Does he like himself?
A Young man should not change himself just to make someone else happy, unless he is the one seeking the change.

Does he go out into the public smelling good and is he dressed like he is about to meet the love of his life?

Is he studying at college or aiming to go to college?
Is he a skilled artisan?
Does he save/invest for the future?
A young man must be good at something that brings in an income. He must never stop learning.

Is he respectful respectful of others?
Does he like children and does he know how to play with children?
No matter a person’s job or status in life, everyone deserves respect.

Is the young man, a man of deeds?
Does he do what needs to be done without blaming, justifying or complaining?


Body Language:
Does he walk with his head held up?
Is he conscious of his body language?
Does he walk like he knows where he is going?

Does he know the difference between good and bad debt?
Does he tend to lend others things he can’t afford to lose?

Does he speak well of his parents?
Does he call his parents at least once a week?

Does he give a firm handshake?
No real girl wants to shake a weak clammy hand.

Is he hopeful?
Does he ever lose his hope?
Women can tell the size of a man by the size of the things that bother him.

Does he run, lift, and play sports?
Women know that exercise makes for a happy person.

Eye contact:
Does he always look the people he meets in the eye when talking to them?
Does he smile when speaking to others?
Does he praise others in a genuine way without being too excessive?

Is he physically abusive?
Is he verbally abusive?
If a young man: Never hit anyone unless you or your loved ones are in immediate threat.

Does he appreciate a good woman?
Go for a woman you perceive to be “out of your league ” that is what determines your calibre.

Is he lazy?
Nobody deserves a lazy person. Do not be like everyone else. Be different.
Does he take calculated risks or does he tremble in front of a challenge?

Contributor: Sipho Gift Mthombeni 

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