Young and Spiritually Inspired is a teenagers and young spiritual adult’s empowerment organisation, which is grounded upon the Christian beliefs. We empower young lives with the holistic approach encompassing the socio-economic, emotional intelligence, spiritual guidance and knowledge empowerment facets.
The primary objective of the organisation is to develop high-end leadership talent of young males and females through hosting varied events that will empower we also use means of digital engagement to target our audience throughout the world.
Young and Spiritually Inspired caters to bother Male and Female, which makes this organisation distinctly different, the youth needs effective mentorship and YSI has your children, your brother and your sister will under this safety umbrella in a vastly decaying society, we aim to be the agents of change, we yearn for our legacy to be a difference the world needed to evoke justice in each and every city. 
Our approach has Spirituality involved which aligns us to values that have been working before our organisation existed and have been found to work very well and changing lives, if it works well then it is good we use these biblical principals. 
Emotional Authencity : because we believe in honesty and wholeness. We practice emotional intelligence and self awareness. 
PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY :because we value integrity and accountability, we take 100% responsibility for your feelings, and we own the impact-both positive and negative of our choices and actions. 
LEADERSHIP MASTERY :because we believe that role models change our lives, we practice highly principled, personal, interpersonal, and group leadership 
EMPOWERED MISSION :Because we value generosity, service, and connect to Spirit, we explore and live from our deepest purpose. 


An effective Leadership and Empowerment organisation that advances healthy growth and capacity of young men and women across the world.

Empower young men and females with knowledge, research, spiritual mentorship, advocacy and leadership training skills with the view to claim and occupy meaningful positions and be effective agents of change in their societies, hosting events with conversations that speak on what we stand on, Self-love, Education, No Domestic Violence,Christian Spiritually.

Redress existing injustices and bring about change of image and self-perception among the youth of our country in how the perceive spiritual matters, we aim to should the world that it is possible to be in Christ.


To create an effective Forum for young people across Africa that will fairly articulate the needs of young women and teenagers in all sectors of the economy and society at large.

Provide organisational and personal development skills for young people, morally sound advices driven by scriptural guidance and working with other speakers and organizations to impact lives and leave a legacy of excellence Bring matters concerning young people before the public for inclusive problem-solving Promote and advocate for youngs interests and concerns at all level

Young and spiritually Inspired Ambassadors is a group of young ladies who speak of God’s truths in action, We pride ourselves to be representable adverts for heaven as we go out to baptise the world with God’s Love and greatly His word. We reflect what we preach and live it daily priding ourselves with dignity. The change that we want to see all begins with a step of Faith, prayer and meditating on the truths of God. We are not an island so in unity we hold hands in committing to what will serve as a ladder of hope to those who yearn to receive the gift of Christ through us vessels of Blessings.
The opportunity to be part of the Young and Spiritually Inspired Ambassadors is for young people to articulate their skills well within the organization and also learn more on emotional intelligence and being respectful to each other and those who have been given the vision, being an YSI AMBASSADORS is to help the CEO run with the events and cause that Young and Spiritually Inspired needs to fullfill they are the driving force sacrificing time, money and also being humble and selfless. Unity is the driving force for the YSI AMBASSADOR without uniting and giving off exellence they disarm God’s vision.
My greatest goal is to have Young and Spiritually Inspired Ambassadors all over the world representing a united vision of what we stand for. We aim to have progragrammes that will unite the word of God and the community in love; we are agents of God here on earth submitting to His will to draw all man Nigh to Him.
We aim we’ve adopted an orphanage in which we will work with,Spiritual poetry sessions, uniting with Christian youth who are gifted with writing poetry to recite and write spiritual poetry, to give off hope to the world in varied way.
This where the mentorship ladies will meet with their ‘children’ a small society, where woman of strength share their wisdoms, they may have varied woman speakers to come to speak to them and relate to them with current social woman issues challenging our country.
If there are other women who yearn to join the societies who have not enrolled in the full program a fee will be granted to them so that they may enjoy the joys of the speakers. We will have varied events such as high teas, book reviews all aligning us to become greater ladies in the society that we live in and to lead without a title yet be walking examples of greatness, as we glow of great morals having a world of woman out their surely see the impact and grooming of YSI.
We may have gestures to give that show these women belong to an YSI society; we would have skin therapists to talk to the woman about their way to treat their skin and healthy living.Woman of Significance would grant us the opportunity to get spiritual upliftments from varied speakers, for no woman can stand alone without her faith.


The bible drive aims to give the hopeless bibles,the people in hospitals, orphanages we aim to give them this book of life to grant them hopes that will lead them to eternity,we would ask for sponsors to donate bibles to us or recover old bibles that they have laying at home that are still useable to donate to the people of God, for we are commanded to GO YE THEREFORE.

This will be under the talks that we will have, where we will motivate young woman to take pride in excelling in what they do, so they become woman of strength that have the ability to lead, seminars will be held where we will have varied woman speakers of different calibres that will speak life to each and every woman that will be attending this seminar.

This gala is where the ladies look ravishing and allowed to come with their dates to the evening, awards will be handed out to some of our YSI ladies that have done exceedingly well this is a moment to dine with all the YSI forefronters the people who made things happen, the varied guests that will be invited an evening of celebration, also celebrating other organizations that have made an impactful change.


This program is based on interfaith activities aimed at visiting and volunteering in orphanage homes, providing essential girl products for poor rural and other marginalised women; writing poetry and cards for ailing young women in hospitals and teaching about spiritual healing and alternative health methods.

Adopt an orphanage I believe we would rather adopt an orphanage rather than skipping to an orphanage after next, YSI girls of hope will focus in the growth of one orphanage so we see our growth after a year so that we may help meet their needs. These girls will be investing their time with love to the home so we may have an impact to the children there and greater leave a legacy of ysi there, sharing the Ubuntu spirit.

We will need varied donations and sponsors from companies that will work hand in hand with YSI so we meet the orphanage at their needs
 The cherished writing is the part where the YSI AMBASSADORS or even the men of YSI help us to make cards that we would deliver to hospitals, to orphanages, to street kids that have words of hope and biblical verses so when we give them their bibles they may have a starting point in which they may read their bibles and greatly be intune with the message of our soon coming King. We believe that united hands are strong enough to build Rome in a day.
This is where the poets and writers use their pens of inspiration to pen down words of hope.This is where our ladies will use their varied creative gifts to write poetry, and motivational cards to send to the ill in homes, for the grandparents in the old age homes.
Bookmarks would be so ideal for school students to have a motivational verse or sayings to keep them going. young children may not only be acquainted to toys that are of the word yet have them build puzzles that will at the end help them read a verse. We aim to have posters of sayings that young children may grow into the word of God, sayings of great leaders who have attained greater heights despite the backgrounds to post up in orphanages
1 IN 8 Ladies will get breast cancer in their life time.
When YSI goes pink we will have a walk of hope that will give courage to all cancer patients where will donate money to one of the cancer homes that are helping patients fight that disease, the walk will be for all those affected and infected by cancer.
The girls of hope will go to schools to speak to the students about the great need for testing for breast cancer, having qualified speakers and doctors to come with us as we do the talks to change and impact lives.
Pamphlets of health handed out about the various myths and facts of this disease, to help unlock social myths that have granted people uninformed information about the disease There will be registration that will give the participants a t-shirts with messages of hope where people will register to take part in the 10klm or the 5klm walk and the end of each race each participate will receive a certificate to show that they have took part in walk for hope.


We will outreach to woman everywhere, more so in poverty stricken areas to give them talks about abstinence, this is one way to decreases the increasing rates of poverty we need to give these woman hope that there are goals and dreams to attain before in engaging in sex,programs such as YSI to keep the girl child to attain all she wants to be in life, being part of the solution in a country yearning for great thinkers and innovators.
This abstinence program replaces the entertainment of sexual intercourse with varied sports programs, dramas that the woman will par-take in. these programs will grant theses woman talks about the disease HIV/AIDS how abstinence could be the cure to Hiv/AIDS for these woman refuse to be vessels to carry the disease around to their unborn children who are innocent and need long and healthy lives.

Beyond religious norms it is a sobering fact that South Africa cannot be risking having numerous partners and children having sex before marriage because of the disease and stds that we are faced with, the lives we waste there is someone out there who is taking their last breathe because of a mother to child transmitted disease. Sadly the mentality it will never happen to us so we carry on being complacent leads us closer to the grave because the rejection of great wisdom.


These will be t-shirts worn by those who vow to a higher standard of living, Where pledges will be made to walk in a life that says I am worth the wait, for any man that will come pursue me will be measured up with the rule that if he won’t wait, He is not for me.

These are the people who will be speaking on behalf of YSI the woman who are there to put out a good name for YSI, we aim to get well known individuals who will be out there speaking life in YSI purposes.VIP AMBASSORDORSThese are the ambassadors that get back stage passes to any of our events, wherever they go the represent YSI Ladies at large, they will be speakers at certain places where YSI needs to be represented in all they are the walking image of YSI LADIES. These ladies are endorsed with free material of YSI,NO registration fees. These women will be tasked with varied things to do, varied events to attend, they will be well groomed on what YSI is about. We plan to go nationwide then greater be internationally known for the standards of greatness that we will attain

Young and Spiritually inspired is a Non Profit Organisation that has taken upon the duty to be the solution of hope to the world that yearns to see the light of God shining through peoples actions, we are not shaken by the fact that we are young we are driven and unashamed to do God work. We are sacrificing our time, our money, to commite to a Nobel cause.
We are here to show the world that is other moral ways to have fun that is beneficial to the next person. Our slogan states called for a higher standard of living, this calls all diverse cultures to one group ofloving people who are shining their light before man to show them the way of God. 
This is a movement where parents may fully feel secure of their childrens upbringing and be excited to know that they are helping hands in spreading the word of God with Love.

We are cautioned of the second coming of the king, we acknowledge His soon coming for the time is no more and as we enable programmes that will keep the youth active mentally socially and more so spiritually to be the loudest trumpest giving the warning signs n love to the world.
We also are vastly active on Facebook and twitter and have varied supporters who form part of this YSI family, we believe in utilizing the very services that the devil lurs the youth out of the church to give out messages of inspirations. We ought to have a manner of approach in using the varied talents of our young ones to help alert the big cities of the coming of God.
We stand upon the word of God and the prayers to navigate our way through the hearts of those who we aim to touch and allowing God to use us as His vessels to touch lives, see smiles, engrave bible verses in hearts when God bless us He aims to increase our way of giving not our way of living. Touch a lives through prayer, feed a life through your blessings, and change the world living and ever transforming word of God. [Matthew 25:35]

Bulelwa Mpinda a young lady born in the year 1991 August 23rd a year where God saw fit that He should unleash the diamond that would shine through His visions through her ways. This lady with bright excuite eyes has braved the scares of rejection at birth.

The scares of life did not keep this kingdom child away from elevation God ushering the Mpinda family to groom her into the God fearing woman she is today. She takes pride in her love for God and is passionate about writing articles, poetry uterlizing her gift to be the change the world needs,some of her poetry being published in her school magazine.
She being an introverted lady was birthed with the vision to start YSI, YOUNG AND SPIRITUALLY INSPIRED, this vision came immediately after she completed her matric in 2010, using the resources she had, she then started a Facebook page to give daily inspirations to those who needed the upliftment,driven by passion her consistency has brought her thus far and aiming to share off her story and greatly the word of God which helped her navigate through this maze of life. She worked at multi-choice for a period of time, she would daily write emails to all her team mates to give of the message of hope.


The founder, Bulelwa Mpinda has been fortunate to have spoken on Metro Fm where Criselda Kanada invited her as a young guest for woman’s month to further eleborate on Young and Spiritually Inspired, we have been on Sabc one with my former mentor Jabulile Buthelezi and also Gau TV lastly PowerFM.

We would like to use varied digital platforms to spread of iniative and give people an insight on who we are and what we do and stand in yet most importantly for young viewers and listeners to be transformed by Young and Spiritually Inspired.

YSI would greatly appreciate the giving hands from everyone who supports the cause,as we will be visiting hospitals, adopting an orphanage, doing Bible drives to spread the word of God in Love . We would love donations of books, bibles, clothes, food parcel and more greatly people and companies who would love to associate themselves with us and grant us financial stability. We would love also organisations that will grant us compensation gifts, tickets to inspirational events where YSI may run competitions and give out prizes to give to winners and keeping the YSI intune, we also want to have YSI merchandise sold throughout the world and your donations would make all of this possible

YSI started by a lady named Bulelwa Mpinda used her own petty cash to get what she dreamed of to make her vision alive. Daily posting inspiring messages to the YSI family through her phone she would always strive to get R60 rand so her Bis wouldn’t run out on her blackberry so she would give off her messages to the world. I would truly appreciate each and every sponsor and Donator to the cause yet greatly I would need everyone praying for YSI young and old.



Bulelwa Mpinda



WEBSITE: www.teamysi.co.za
Instagram: @young_and_spiritually_inspired
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