Young and Spiritually Inspired has a programme of having yearly YSI AMBASSADORS, these are Young individuals who get to work with the organisation and help facilitate programmes and events for the year.


The programme aims to encourage the spirit of using your gifts for the greater good of the ministry. We’ve had three groups of Ambassadors thus far and aim to have many more join in.

What we’ve done this far, is host alot of events through the help of the ambassadors, we’ve attended churches to speak to young people.


Our aim is to have charitable events where volunteers will be invited to join the YSI AMBASSADORS in wearing their YSI TSHIRTS and visiting old age homes,orphanages, prisons and hospitals.


This encourages the spirit of group work and co-working with diverse people from different walks of life,it cultivates servanthood.

If you would like to invite us to your school please church or any event kindly do contact us and we would fully oblige to the call of service.